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Samsung Videowall

Samsung Videowall

Samsung Videowall is the matrix of display to form a bigger display as per your requirement. Samsung Videowall comes in 2 different sizes i.e. 46" and 55". The major feature that differentiate videowall from other TVs and Digital Signages is the bezel width. Bezel width is the border around the display that holds the display panel. Thinner the bezel width, lesser you notice the joint of displays.

Bezel Width

Samsung videowall features the thinnest bezel width i.e. 0.4mm making bezel-to-bezel width 0.8mm that makes the joint nearly invisible. The most thickest bezel width for videowall models would be 3.4mm in upper and left side and 2mm in bottom and right side, making bezel-to-bezel width 5.4mm. Go bezel-less with Samsung Videowall.


Accurate Color

Color in each display of Samsung Videowall are so accurate and identical that the difference in the display color, brightness and temperature is very seamless. Furthermore, the displays support the calibration through color calibrator along with the software that comes with the videowall.

Dynamic Content

Samsung videowall is also a signage display that can play dynamic contents like images, slideshows, videos and other office documents like word, excel, power point, pdf, etc. While regular signages are static and troublesome in many fronts, Digital Signage allows you to create and update content with very less effort and keep it dynamic.


Orientation - Portrait/Landscape

Videowalls from Samsung are capable of displaying content in both vertical and horizontal orientation. Install Samsung videowall as per your space and requirement in landscape or portrait orientation without compromising on design content creating and playing them.

Schedule Content

Samsung Videowall is integrated with MagicINFO like any other Samsung Smart Signage. With MagicINFO integration, you are able to create, manage, and publish your content as per your requirement. Not only this, you will also be capable to schedule various contents as per your feasibility.


Inbuilt Player

When you add Signage Player(additional accessory) with your Samsung Videowall, you will be able to publish and play contents created in MagicINFO authoring tool or any multimedia content without additional hassle.

Manage through Network

Connect Samsung videowall in network and manage it from anywhere. Simply install and configure MagicInfo Server software using Signage Player offered by Samsung and configure samsung videowall in the network that is recognized by Server PC, then manage content and control digital signages through network.


Higher Brightness

Samsung Videowall have higher brightness level than other regular displays. The level of brightness in smart signage from Samsung ranges from 350 nits to 3000 nits. So, Samsung videowall allows you to choose your requirement of brightness level.

Wide Viewing Angle

Samsung Videowall has a wider viewing angle meaning that even if the viewer isn't exactly in front of the display, the content on the display can be viewed easily. Hence, audiences can get accurate and clear information regardless of their position and location.


Anti Glare

Samsung Videowall have anti glare feature that makes the reflection from display due to surrounding lighting very less and negligible. This feature of Samsung Smart Signage makes the experience impeccable.

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