Himstar Appliances

Him Electronics is the sole proprietor of the indigenous brand Himstar. Initiated by Him Electronics, it started its consumer electronics sales in 1998 and electrical sales in 2004. Himstar has always provided high-quality products that would stand as a benchmark in Nepali Market. Himstar has two major fields-appliances & electrical. Himstar covers a range of electronic products backed by motivation and insight with breakthrough performance. Customer satisfaction is our prime concern and has never been compromised at any given point in time. Our customer culture is strong and has practiced it over the years in our services for the better.


Vaccum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are your daily partner for cleaning up your floors and meeting the dream of clean homes & offices. Experience the enhanced cleaning power that comes in handy with powerful suction and forces debris, dander, and all fine dust particles to be away from the floor. Don't miss out on the dream of clean homes & offices.


Enjoy cool air in your space with the Himstar Fan ideal for homes and offices. A wide range of ceiling fans, stand fans, table fans, and wall fans incorporate all the features you need to be comfortable in your home. With this fan, cool air is sure to be distributed across your entire room. It is efficient, durable, and easy to use. It is breezy but at the same time silent. Explore more now.

Gas / Halogen Heater

Himstar Gas / Halogen Heaters gives you the luxurious experience of a warm room. We all buy gadgets with the ultimate goal of making our lives easier. Our heater ensures that you have a comfortable time with the necessary safety assured. Hop on in to explore more.

Cooler Himstar

Summer heat can be harsh, and we have just the solution for you. Our cooler consistently maintains comfortable temperatures indoors so that you can focus on your everyday task without any hassle and irritation due to different weather conditions. Click "Learn More" to explore all our cooler portfolio.

Rice Cooker

Discover the easiest way to cook perfect rice with Himstar Rice Cooker. It is designed to know when your rice reaches the proper temperature and then switches from cooking mode to warming mode. Our rice cookers are affordable and easy-to-use so that every household can enjoy cooking & eating your rice the best way. Explore more of our available Rice Cookers.


Himstar iron comes with an extremely clean surface that finishes the ironing with a visually appealing aesthetic look. It is easy gliding on all fabrics, non-stick soleplate coating, iron-temperature ready light makes it the utmost choice you can make. Click "Learn More" to be the part of the swiftness.

Electric Thermos

Electric Thermos doesn’t compromise on the taste of your hot beverage for a longer time. The refreshing aroma of the hot beverage gets you prepared for another long day ahead. Our Electric Thermos has an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip, and its well-curved snout ensures that there is no leakage or any spilling while you tilt to pour. Wanna know more?

Deep Freezer

Deep Freezers are by far the best means to keep your stocks fresh for longer. We have a range of Deep Freezers the incorporates cutting-edge technology and innovative features, guaranteeing long-lasting freshness. Built to last, and to meet the demands of the high sub-continental temperatures, these machines cut power bills through energy-saving innovations. Explore more on our Deep Freezers.

Storage Water Geyser

Storage Water Geyser from Himstar is suitable for the winter, which is available in 3ltr, 10ltr, 15ltr, and 25ltr. The storage water geyser has a high-quality thermostat with an anti-vacuum system. It has a multi-functional valve. The water geyser is rated 5-stars in energy efficiency. Click "Learn More" to explore our Storage Water Geyser.

Mixer Grinder/Blender/Food Processor

We provide Mixer Grinder/Blender/Food Processor that comes with the 3 Speed with Pulse Function. It has stainless steel blades along with overload protection. Our Mixer Grinder/Blender/Food Processor is the perfect match for your home which is available in different models. See the entire product portfolio here.
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