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We spend more time with our phones than ever before. Samsung is constantly devising ways for you to get what you need at a touch and at a glance. The beauty of what Samsung has engineered is to give you the slimmest feel in your hand without compromising the big screen size. Samsung smartphones & tablets are as beautiful to look at, as it is to use. Mobile gaming just got a whole lot better with powerful processor & graphic engine. Running on powerful processors, Samsung phones & tablets run smooth and fast, handling every bit of the additional data on your microSD card with confidence. And even with the bigger battery, charging’s still fast. Samsung camera has an advanced sensor for catching details in low light, and a fast auto-focus for photos with less blur. Samsung is completely changing how you'll share experiences and memories. It’s doing that by shattering the boundaries of what a phone can do. And it's the biggest thing to happen to phones. Ever.

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Feature Phones 

Get more from Samsung Feature Packed phones that includes camera, Opera Mini browser, social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook, Home screen setting widget, Toggle Bluetooth off/on, adjust screen brightness and sound and customise to your heart’s content with this easy-to-use function. Enjoy a richer media experience with video playback control, Quick Music Choice function for instant play and many more.

Premium Phones

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ has the biggest, most immersive screen on a Galaxy smartphone of this size. All you see is pure content and virtually no bezel. With iris scanning, your phone and its contents open to your eyes only. And when you need to unlock really fast, face recognition is a handy option. It's fast, powerful and increases battery efficiency. What's more, with IP68**, you can even work through rain or dust. If that's not enough, with external storage, you will never run out of space.


Smart Phones

Meet Samsung smartphone that has a bold attitude and looks. A premium fusion of eye catching Designs & Performance. Pick up the pace with latest Android versions in Smart Phones. Enhanced RAM and ROM support allows for smoother UI transitions and greater multitasking abilities. With 4G connectivity, connect with your friends and loved ones like never before. Large & Picture perfect screen gives an incredibly bold and immersive experience. Do more with Samsung Smart Phones.


Enjoy greater flexibility than ever before with Samsung Tablets. Remarkably slim and ultra-lightweight, use these device to take your e-books, photos, videos and work-related files with you wherever you need to go. These provide you with an ideal environment for performing office tasks. Samsung's Multi Window system maximizes your multi-tasking experience, letting you watch a movie, check your e-mail, shop online, and chat with your friends on a single screen.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 9