Now store your food for longer with Himstar Deep Freezers.

Keeping your food is important


We have a concise range of products to cater your need for appliances. May it be your requirement for your household or your business, Him Electronics has a dedicated segment just to address your need. Segregated into Large Appliances and Small Appliances, you just name your requirement and we will cater your need without any hint of disappointment.

Our big appliances include deep freezers, chest freezer, television, washing machine, AC, refrigerator and much more. We are authorized dealer for brands like Himstar, Samsung, Galanz, and so on. Hope on in to learn more about our big appliances.
Induction cooker, electric rice cooker, fan, cooler, iron, food processor and many more appliances come under small appliances we deal with. You can choose from products from Himstar, Samsung, Bajaj, and many more renowned brands.


Being a hallmark of reliability for since last 8 decades, Ahuja Radios is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Public Address Equipment in and around India. Addressing your needs and requirements with outstanding product and equipment, Ahuja Radios are known for the quality, affordability, and reliability they serve you through our product and equipment.