You can choose from our Alternative Energy Solution ranges to address your energy need with more reliability and affordability. With solutions like Stand Alone Solar Plants, Grid-Tied Industrial Roof Top Solar Plants, and Large Grid Tied Solar Plants, you and your business will never run out of energy.

Stand Alone Solar Plants are highly suitable for you and your business incase you are away from power grids or when you are environment conscious. Stand Alone Solar Plants turns out to be cost effective and a prominent energy-saving technology to adapt. Being environment conscious company ourselves, we encourage and help you set up a plant studying your need and requirement to intricate details with sheer quality.
Unlike Stand Alone Solar Plants which are independent in itself, Grid-Tied Industrial Roof Top Solar Plants are connected to a grid of network. Cost-effective when compared to Stand Alone Solar Plants, Grid-Tied allows reimbursement upon excess energy production. Providing you a reliable solar plants through our Saurya Bidhut Power Private Limited, your value and requirements are highly understood and recognized to give you the best service in the market.

Large Grid Tied Solar Plants

If you are looking to establish a larger alternative energy power plant, then you are at the right place. We provide services to establish a Large Grid Tied Solar Plant that is connected to the electricity grid of your business area. Our Large Grid-Tied Solar Plant works without any battery backup equipment while allowing you to export surplus power generated. Less prone to failure, our solar plants are trusted by the local governing bodies in Parasi, Baitadi, and Hilsa, Humla. Join your hands with us to create a eco-friendly energy resource to light up our business.