Speakers are another essential part of an audio system that converts electromagnetic waves into sound waves. Ahuja Radios has been manufacturing and exporting elegant, high-quality speakers for the last 8 decades. As an authorized distributor of Ahuja Radios in Nepal, we have a wide range of speakers to address your unique demand and necessity.

PA Driver Units

Public Address Driver Units are portable weatherproof and rugged constructional speakers that can withstand vibrations and damages. Inspect our range of PA Driver Units now.

PA Horn/Trumpet

Horns and Trumpets are one of the most effective and reliable speaker when we are addressing large outdoor venues. Click on "Learn More" to explore our product portfolio for more details.

PA Horn Speaker

If you are looking for compact, rugged, and light weighted high quality weather proof horn speakers, then we have just the product for you. Our PA Horn Speaker from Ahuja Radios is UV protect with higher acoustical efficiency. Inspect our PA Horn Speakers today.

PA Music Horn

New to the arsenal, we have PA Music Horn that is a 2-way high efficient and high fidelity horn with wide frequency response. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. Know more about our PA Music Horn now.

PA Column Speakers 

Often used in airports, churches, and other similar settings, column speakers are slim line column that offers excellent vertical sound dispersion. If you are looking for extraordinary sound experience, then hop on in to explore our PA Column Speakers now.

PA Ceiling Speakers 

Want to set a distinct audio system utilizing major of your spacing? PA Ceiling Speakers allow you to do just that. Ideal for speeches in Hotels, Banquets, Restaurant and so on, select from a wide range of our PA Ceiling Speakers to match into your requirement.

PA Wall Speakers

Similar to ceiling speakers which you can attach it to the ceiling, we have wall speakers to fit into your walls. Our PA Wall Speakers are widely used in Schools, Canteens, Hospitals, Colleges, and so on. If you think wall speakers are what you need, then we have a just the product for you. Hop on in.

Special Purpose Speakers

You might have your unique requirement and are looking for a special speaker to address your requirement. Now to ease you need, we have a wide range of special speakers to choose from. Inspect our product portfolio of special purpose speakers today.

PA Speaker Systems

Primarily designed and optimized for public addressing, our PA Speaker System from Ahuja Radios are available from 50W to above 1000W speakers. Explore our product portfolio to select the best speaker to address your need.

PA Subwoofer Systems

Subwoofer PA Systems are sub-woofer speakers designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass or sub-bass. With our sub-woofer systems ranging from 300W to 2600W, select the best PA Subwoofer Systems in the market.

Professional PA Speakers

With a wide range of different professional speaker with different specifications and functions under our belt, you can have your issue related to public address system or your personal audio system addressed from single place. Hop on in to learn more about our product portfolio now.

Piezo Tweeters

We even deal with speakers enhanced with piezoelectric technology to address your unique requirements. Explore our piezo tweeter speakers to match the unique PA System you are building today.

PA Compression Horn Drivers

If you are searching for compression horn drivers, then you are at the right place. From medium powered compression horn driver speakers to very high power compression horn driver speakers to choose from, get exactly the one you are looking for. Inspect available PA Compression Horn Drivers now.

PA Compression Drivers

PA Compression Drivers are yet another essential element that completes your Public Address System more effectively. Different than general speakers, Compression Drivers doesn't directly radiate reproduced audio in the year. Explore more of all our PA Compression Drivers Equipment and get the best audio producing products in the market.

All New 
Ahuja Microphone Series

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