Himstar Appliances

Himstar Appliances

Him Electronics is the sole proprietor of the indigenous brand Himstar. Initiated by Him Electronics, it started its consumer electronics sales in 1998 and electrical sales in 2004. Himstar has always provided high-quality products that would stand as a benchmark in Nepali Market. Himstar has two major fields-appliances & electrical. Himstar covers a range of electronic products backed by motivation and insight with breakthrough performance. Customer satisfaction is our prime concern and has never been compromised at any given point in time. Our customer culture is strong and has practiced it over the years in our services for the better.



A wide range of Himstar Televisions to choose from, you can enjoy every moment of your favorite TV program with premium picture and sound quality. Himstar televisions are slim and perfectly designed to enhance the look of your living room.


Refrigerators are one of the indispensable parts of our household. Refrigerators are used to keep the foods and beverages cold and fresh. We provide you with the best refrigerator in terms of quality and quality. Himstar refrigerators come in different volumes ranging from 71 liters to 253 liters.

Washing Machine

With most conventional washing machines, it is quite common for fabrics to be damaged in the process of washing. Our washing machines come with the innovative Wobble technology that provides gentle care on fabric while still boasting an outstanding washing performance.

Air Conditioner

All new Himstar Air Conditioner are one of the best buy for the summer while it stays as your companion in the winter, too. With 1 ton and 1.5 ton AC being available in the market, Himstar AC will give you the benefit of a decent AC which is not only within your budget but doesn't add more burden to your pocket afterwards.
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