Samsung Interactive Display

Samsung Interactive Display

Samsung Interactive Display are digital white boards where you can present your content and write over it like a whiteboard in your classrooms and meeting halls. Corporate meeting halls has already been occupied by large size televisions and displays instead of traditional projectors. The clarity you get with digital displays in your meeting hall are far more than that of the projectors. At least, you don't have to make your meeting room dark. Samsung Interactive Display series are touch enabled displays where you can present your presentation in meeting more effectively and interactively.

Touch Screen

Samsung Interactive Display has a layer of touch enabled screen over the regular display that make your classroom and meetings more interactive. Interactions are intuitively built for problem solving and creating. Use any object near you to bring your ideas to life. Samsung interactive displays distinguishes between inputs from thin or thick objects to simulate on-screen writing or and highlighting, or simply erase content with your finger or palm.


Write & Draw Your Ideas Easily

Bring any inspiration to life exactly as you imagine it with Samsung Flip. Experience pen-to-paper-like writing for smooth flowing ideas. Collaborate effortlessly with multi-writing functionality up to 20 users. Plus, edit freely thanks to a host of smart editing tools.

Connect with Convenience

Connect your Laptops and PC with ease through input port like HDMI or display your content wirelessly through Windows 10 PC or your Mobile Phones. Browse internet to display your need of content or access files in your cloud drive and network drives. Every options are available for you in Samsung Interactive Display. 


Easy Sharing

Share what you presented and discussed with ease by saving each writing on display as a roll and sending it through email or printing it directly from display. Also you can share your screen directly from display to your android device.

Make Classroom more interactive

Make learning a fun experience with collaborative ideation and inspiration that increases classroom engagement.
Deliver impactful lectures and seminars with access to a range of materials and devices.  


Use in Auditorium

Engage more people with connectivity to a large screen, ensuring a visible and memorable presentation for the whole audience.

Meeting Room

Exchange ideas and opinions freely, then share meeting recaps immediately for a seamless experience.  


Design Office

Collaborate on new ideas effectively and build on them without limitations.

Successful Projects

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