Bajaj Appliances

n our fast paced world, smart solutions are the need of the hour to keep our life moving smoothly. Bajaj Electricals fulfills this need with its stylish yet affordable appliances for your entire kitchen and home needs. No more spending hours over simple chores like chopping, grinding, boiling hot water for bathing, with our appliances, you can enjoy ease and convenience by simply switching on. So, step in and make your life a little less complex. 
HIM ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD is proud to share that it has been the sole authorized distributor of Bajaj Appliances.


Food Processing

Both our health and well-being rely heavily on the choices we make in the kitchen; therefore, homemade food with fresh ingredients should have no substitute. This calls for a judicious choice of Bajaj food processing machines that will help reduce our dependence on menial tasks in the kitchen. Our range of food processing appliances include food processors, mixer grinders, juicer mixer grinder, hand blenders, vegetable choppers and juicer machine juicer machine.


The clothes iron ensure that your clothes are well looked after. Ironing your clothes at home with the Bajaj iron will give you a professional result and will not burn a hole in your pocket either. Ironing your clothes with the best iron will make your clothes look good for a longer period of time.


Water Heater

Bajaj water heaters (geyser) are both energy efficient and convenient to use. The instant water heater by Bajaj has a tough and efficient heating element which ensures that the water heats up in no time. Thus, you don’t have to wait for hours to get hot water, which was the case with the traditional water heaters.

Gas Stove

Our kitchen is the heart of the house. A well-maintained and well-functioning kitchen should be a priority in every home. Bajaj brings you an extensive range of diverse electric cooking appliances that are thoughtfully designed with the intention to fulfill every minute need of our customers. It includes Gas Stove from Bajaj, that ensures high performance efficiently with maximum automation while being mindful of the environmental impacts.


Pressure Cooker

The Bajaj pressure cookers are highly energy efficient as the time required for cooking is very less resulting in minimal energy consumption. With the heat trapped inside the cooker, the kitchen surroundings also remain comparatively cooler. The kitchen remains cleaner as the lid keeps the food items covered and prevents them from splattering on the walls.


One of the main reasons that you should opt for non-stick Bajaj cookware is because it is easy to maintain. Food and grease does not settle at its bottom and can easily be washed away with soap and gentle cleaning. Bajaj non-stick cookware saves both your effort and time, allowing you to complete your kitchen chores faster than you anticipate.